Bennett Prescott
Audio Industry Professional
Links and Downloads:

AES 2005 Grounding Tutorial (2.1MB PDF)
Thanks to Bill Whitlock of Jensen Transformers.

Publications by Jim Brown (Click for His Site)

DOE Electrical Safety Handbook (1.5MB PDF)

Bandwidth to Q Reference Chart (48KB PDF)

High Frequency Air Loss vs. Distance (214KB JPG)
Courtesy EAW

Quick & Dirty Bar Rig (28KB XLS)
Updated October 2013

DSP Differences Presentation Slides (827KB PDF)
Presented at the 2011 Parsons Audio Expo

Transducer Power Ratings Slides (11.5MB PDF)
Presented at the October 2018 AES conference in NYC
Presented Live on YouTube August 2020

Tech Talk: Transducer Design Slides (7.1MB PDF)
Presented to Parts Express' sales team February 2020
Presented Live on YouTube August 2020

Transducer On-Axis Response Slides (24.2MB PDF)
Presented Live on YouTube November 2020

Single Number Specifications (YouTube Video)
How to play devil's advocate with spec sheets

Live Sound! Magazine Articles:

Staying Analog in a Digital World (111KB PDF)
Digital may be the industry darling, but analog is still great. (May 2007)

The Devil With Your RTA (408KB PDF)
Which measurement tool is right for you? (September 2007)

Damping Factor (203KB PDF)
A closer look at a much overhyped specification. (October 2007)

The Usability Conundrum (366KB PDF)
Products need to be designed with human users in mind. (August 2008)

Loudspeaker Misconceptions (144KB PDF)
Line array. Point source. Which is good for what? (October 2008)

Loudspeaker Fundamentals (276KB PDF)
An in-depth look at amplifier power and loudspeaker failure. (June 2009)

Run & Gun Subwoofer Arraying (677KB PDF)
Considerations for building coherent subwoofer arrays. (November 2010)

Advanced Subwoofer Arraying (168KB PDF)
Directional subwoofer arrays and their integration. (December 2010)

Front of House Magazine Articles:

All DSPs Are Not Created Equal (668KB PDF)
Significant Response Differences Between DSP Platforms. (May 2011)

AudioXPress Magazine Articles:

Reviewed: iSEMcon EMX-7150 (889KB PDF)
An affordable measurement microphone with Class 1 response. (April 2016)

Reviewed: RMI ADI-2 Pro (3.6MB PDF)
Reference grade DAC with headphone amplifier and DSP. (September 2017)

Parts Express Sound Solutions Articles:

Large Signal Parameters (2.2MB PDF)
Looking beyond Thiele/Small parameters. (August 2019)

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